Creating a Culture of Celebrations

Creating a sense of belonging in the workplace and highlighting your corporate culture as a collaborative and exciting work environment isn’t easy. Now add in the ever-changing remote office lifestyle and a distributed team, and a few zoom meetings later you’ll find that the challenge can be near impossible. While it may seem like an uphill battle and take a backseat to other company initiatives this year, you might want to reconsider its impact as you plan out the rest of 2021.

Ask any recruiter and they will tell you, positive company culture can not only contribute to better engagement and morale but also be a competitive advantage when it comes to attracting and hiring talent. Even in a mostly-digital world, potential candidates are scouring your website and social feeds trying to find what your company work-life is like and the ping pong tables and free snacks just aren’t as enticing as they used to be.

Additionally there’s a pretty good chance your current employees might be feeling a lack of engagement. After the fourth or fifth “Remote Happy Hour’ employees aren’t looking for another Zoom call on their calendar but something even easier: recognition. Employees often toe the line between work/life balance and push to meet goals with limited motivation and support from their organizations. According to a recent study, over 85% of employees don’t feel engaged in the workplace often putting in the bare minimum, eager to clock out at five everyday. It’s a costly problem for a business when you add in employee turnover and recruiting and hiring costs, but it begs the question: can it be fixed?

It’s easy to brush these challenges off as problems your organization doesn't have - certainly your employees are recognized in that monthly email thread or with that annual team award. Your careers page has a few pictures of that now empty office - surely that should be enough to bring in some fresh faces, right?

While the challenge may be overwhelming the solution is simple: celebrate everything.

Birthdays, work anniversaries, new client wins, and positive shout outs shouldn’t be tacked on to the end of your all-hands meeting but rather take the spotlight for once. Think about how you are celebrating your employees now and ask yourself if you can do more. Think outside the box and find fun, creative ways to highlight and motivate your employees.

At North Sixth Group, we recently decided to revamp birthdays entirely. Instead of a monthly email thread of names, we wanted to give each employee a special personalized message highlighting how amazing they are from the people they work with everyday. For each teammate's birthday, we create a fun video highlighting silly pictures, favorite memories and our guesses at what they’d probably be doing if you weren’t working in PR. We’ve learned a lot in the process - we now know Ali is most likely to take up the mic singing Kanye at Karaoke and that Jim rocks a pretty solid sock game.


When it comes to employee recognition - last year we kicked off Sign the Gloves, an internal competitive challenge and leaderboard for employees to literally sign their signature on a pair of digital boxing gloves to promote the “Keep Fighting” mantra of 2020. This year we’ve moved our employee recognition beyond company meetings with Spirit of N6A, where each week we highlight the top performer with a custom shout out and headshot.

Signature_Boxing_Gloves 8-19-1

The secret formula here really isn’t a secret:

Fully embrace internal celebrations (in whatever form they take) and make them worth sharing externally.

Whether it’s a silly birthday video or a week's top performer - put it out there, share it on social, and make an effort to show your digital audience and potential new employees how great a company you have.

Reach out if your celebrations could benefit from some additional creative support! Studios offers sizzle video packages perfect for highlighting your employee and cultural initiatives.

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