Introducing Studios

Today we launch Studios, a North Sixth Group company.

Studios is an end-to-end modern marketing, content and production house that provides brands with demand and lead generation, digital marketing, video and podcast production, content and storytelling, design and creative services. Studios is fueled by an innovative KPI-driven approach that ensures alignment and optimization between marketing outputs and each client’s desired business outcomes.

Basically, Studios is an extension of your marketing team that complements your core competencies with our expertise and data obsession.

Over the past year and a half, I have had the privilege of leading the marketing team at N6A – the amplification arm of our Outcomes focused approach. Having worked in-house “in past lives”, I was essentially the N6A target audience and in a unique position to liaise between the world of PR and marketing. (In fact, I brought my former employer over as a client! Hi Tara!)

As the marketing team within a PR agency, we were able to expand upon and amplify credibility assets for clients, providing full funnel marketing services – including content, video and lead generation. And now, we are able to do that as Studios, where marketing is the central output, rather than “just” an additional service.

Last year, as companies navigated the COVID pandemic, marketing budgets and marketing resources were often the first slashed. As brands begin to tip toe, with trepidation, out from the fog we know they are going to start investing in themselves again but will do so with a lighting sharp focus on smart spend -- ROI and KPIs at the forefront.

Our approach is to work backwards – defining and aligning to our client’s ultimate goal. Before we kick off any campaign, or even commit to a scope of work, we outline the desired outcome and ask the tough questions. Is an increase in web traffic enough? Are impressions the right KPI? Is ‘likes’ the real goal? By defining the true desired Outcome, we work together to create the appropriate content assets and design the right tactics to drive it – crafting a custom amplification plan for every campaign and tracking it again mutually agreed upon KPIs.


I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to work with my incredible and talented team, plus new talent we have added to the roster, at the next level. What really excites me, though, is helping our clients achieve their goals. Not only does it allow me to broaden my skills as a marketer – diving into the world of healthcare one minute and thinking like a cannabis job seeker the next—but it gives me the opportunity to foster strong and trusting relationships with incredible leaders and entrepreneurs, driving fearlessly together toward growth and impact.


Today we launch Studios – and it’s just the beginning.

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